Let us now move on to the actual process of how the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system works. As discussed earlier, the array is made up of certain metals that react with the other ingredients like water and salts to create waves of charged atoms or ions. The water in the vessel is separated into two parts—oxygen and hydrogen.

Not only that, the magnetic field created by these ions has the capacity to neutralize oppositely charged particles. These particles are then transferred from the skin, a lower membrane and sent out, to a higher concentration. This process is commonly known as “osmosis”. This is another theory that is best used in QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system.

The ions that are created by the reaction between the array and other substances cling themselves on to many or most toxins in your body and pull them out through the pores in your skin, especially feet. The process of body detoxification through QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system is a simple yet effective one.

Firstly, it does not hurt you when you are undergoing a detoxification session. You can relax and settle down comfortably and let the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system do the job for you—the magic of cleansing your body and eliminating toxins that have been playing spoilsport in your life since a long time!

The operator works with a quantum connection on you.
At the same time, the operator will give you a pair of earphones where you will observe the changes in your body.
After 30 minutes (at the end of the treatment), opening your eyes you will be surprised by the colors and the smell of water in the basin. This reveals what sort of toxins are being eliminated and from which organ.

Even though the methodology is quite simple, the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system is not suitable for everyone. Though this is really unfortunate, yet there are some restrictions regarding usage.