There is an unprecedented growth in the use of chemicals, pesticides, additives, derivatives, and other forms of toxic substances that enter our body and start attacking it.
When your body is attacked with toxins, you will experience a series of health problems which may range from headaches to chronic diseases like arthritis. You might wonder as to what you need to do to keep a check on these problems.

Well, the solution is simple—just undergo detoxification sessions and find the difference for yourself. Detoxification simply refers to the process of using certain mechanisms to get rid of toxins, chemicals, and other undesirable wastes that have been attacking your body for an unduly long time and causing havocs in your otherwise healthy body.

There are many methods of detoxification known and recommended in the market today. Among them, the methods that use ions as the basis have been found to be the most effective. To be more specific, QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox systems are the most preferred among the available forms of body detoxification.

Let us try to analyze the functioning and the theories behind QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system. This will help you to gain an insight about detoxification through QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system and also encourage you to try it out and feel the results.

To begin with, you must have learnt about the concepts of atoms, molecules, etc. in your school lessons. Refreshing some of those concepts, ions are nothing but atoms that can either gain or lose molecules—more specifically known as electrons. When they undergo such a reaction, they are either positively or negatively charged also set up a magnetic field around them.

The QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system is designed using this ion theory only. A typical QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system includes an array, a machine that carries this array, a power outlet is required to pass direct current, tap water, and a large vessel or tub that can hold the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox machine, and purifying salts—preferably sea salts.