QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox, in combination with a healthy, low-stress lifestyle, provides a thorough and efficient way to maintain high energy levels and long term wellness.

the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox provides a comfortable purification support system.

Before have a session:


– Wear the wrist strap properly.
– Feel free to make yourself comfortable, as long as you keep your feet in the foot bath with the array in it.
– Eat something before using the machine if you have low blood sugar.
– Drink lots of Purified water to help the detoxification process

– Have any mechanical devices inside your body (such as pacemakers or any other battery-operated electrical implant).
– Are suffering from epilepsy.
– Are currently undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
– Are taking medication for some mental illness, or taking medication for heartbeat regulation.
– Are taking prescription medication, Take medication at least six (6) hours after or before an Ion Cell Cleanse session.
– Have metal objects in your body. Though not dangerous, persons having a metal joint implant may find exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by the QIC to be uncomfortable.
– Are a Type 1 Diabetic person.
– Have open wounds on your feet.
Are pregnant or lactating.
– Are younger than 6 years old.
– Have gone through an organ transplant operation.
– Wear metal such as watches, using a computer or cellular phone during an QIC session.