Quick Cell Detox

Quantum Olistic Method

You can detoxify your body to be in good health

The QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox® is a innovative Olistic Method that uses the kinetic energy of a holistic operator, having as a support a foot detoxification machine Detox Ganesh inspired by two Nobel Prize award-winning discoveries: the existence of water channels and ion channels in the human cell membrane.

Dip your feet in a basin filled with warm water. An operator will give you a pair of earphones and you will “observe” the energetic changes in your body: become a witness and be an active part of the detox process.

During the treatment the operator works with a quantum connection on you by Quantum Healing Detox®. This process will align the body part which needs to be treated according to the water colour. After 30 minutes (at the end of the treatment) open your eyes and you will be surprised by the colour and the smell of the water: it reveals what sort of toxins are being eliminated in your body and in which organ.

QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox®: Key of Quantum Cellular Detoxification with Ions

If you are troubled:

QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox® helps:

  • to restore the body and its balance
  • to promote an internal alkaline environment which improves oxygen intake to prevent degenerative diseases
  • to neutralize and expel toxins and acid wastes from your body
  • to increase the energy level and improve the immunization capacity

Quantum detox with Ions and Molecular Hydrogen + Quantum Treatment

Water changes color in a few minutes

Each colour represents the memory of part of the body that is being detoxified

Say Good Bye to your toxins!

QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox® uses a quantum process that combines the perfect performance which one of the best machines in the world with the method of quantum divine aligning of the organs in our body.

The machine used in the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox® method is the only one recognised by international health certifications. It achieves a fast cellular detoxification with the use of ions which, by osmosis, penetrate into the feet and alkalize organs and tissues.

The quantum method, combined with the machine, perfectly helps to gradually follow the course of internal detoxification: the human voice guides you through the entire process while maintaining the quantum alignment.

Information about QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox

Detoxification process

Let us now move on to the actual process of how the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system works. As discussed earlier, the array is made up of certain metals that react with the other ingredients like water and salts to create waves of charged atoms or ions. The water in the vessel is separated into two parts—oxygen and hydrogen.

Not only that, the magnetic field created by these ions has the capacity to neutralize oppositely charged particles. These particles are then transferred from the skin, a lower membrane and sent out, to a higher concentration. This process is commonly known as “osmosis”. This is another theory that is best used in QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system.

The ions that are created by the reaction between the array and other substances cling themselves on to many or most toxins in your body and pull them out through the pores in your skin, especially feet. The process of body detoxification through QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system is a simple yet effective one.

Firstly, it does not hurt you when you are undergoing a detoxification session. You can relax and settle down comfortably and let the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system do the job for you—the magic of cleansing your body and eliminating toxins that have been playing spoilsport in your life since a long time!

The operator works with a quantum connection on you.
At the same time, the operator will give you a pair of earphones where you will observe the changes in your body.
After 30 minutes (at the end of the treatment), opening your eyes you will be surprised by the colors and the smell of water in the basin. This reveals what sort of toxins are being eliminated and from which organ.

Even though the methodology is quite simple, the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system is not suitable for everyone. Though this is really unfortunate, yet there are some restrictions regarding usage.

Methods of detoxification

There is an unprecedented growth in the use of chemicals, pesticides, additives, derivatives, and other forms of toxic substances that enter our body and start attacking it.
When your body is attacked with toxins, you will experience a series of health problems which may range from headaches to chronic diseases like arthritis. You might wonder as to what you need to do to keep a check on these problems.

Well, the solution is simple—just undergo detoxification sessions and find the difference for yourself. Detoxification simply refers to the process of using certain mechanisms to get rid of toxins, chemicals, and other undesirable wastes that have been attacking your body for an unduly long time and causing havocs in your otherwise healthy body.

There are many methods of detoxification known and recommended in the market today. Among them, the methods that use ions as the basis have been found to be the most effective. To be more specific, QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox systems are the most preferred among the available forms of body detoxification.

Let us try to analyze the functioning and the theories behind QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system. This will help you to gain an insight about detoxification through QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system and also encourage you to try it out and feel the results.

To begin with, you must have learnt about the concepts of atoms, molecules, etc. in your school lessons. Refreshing some of those concepts, ions are nothing but atoms that can either gain or lose molecules—more specifically known as electrons. When they undergo such a reaction, they are either positively or negatively charged also set up a magnetic field around them.

The QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system is designed using this ion theory only. A typical QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox system includes an array, a machine that carries this array, a power outlet is required to pass direct current, tap water, and a large vessel or tub that can hold the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox machine, and purifying salts—preferably sea salts.

QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox may improve

Liver and kidney function
General circulation and metabolism
Headaches and Migraines
Skin problems
Mercury and heavy metal toxification
Well being and balance of the whole body
Menstrual Pain
The treatment can be used in conjuction with detox diet plans.

After a Treatment, Will I Be Restricted in My Activities?

No, you can go about your daily business as usual. The most common side effect we have experienced is that you may feel tired directly after the treatment and feel the benefits over the next few days.

How Long Can the Effects Last?

Results depend upon your lifestyle.

We recommend an initial cycle of 5-7 sessions (once or twice a week) – no more than twice a week – then a top up sessions once a month or once every 3 months.

Why detox?

Even though you take extreme care about your well-being, sometimes you do face troubles because of unknown or uncontrollable factors. Toxemia is one such condition wherein you face a series of health problems due to excessive collection of chemicals and toxins on your body.

When the water becomes excited it ejects these tiny particles, and they become visually observable in the water. This will tend to make the water look dirty brown.

When the water is changing colors, each color represents the part of the body that is being detoxified.

One of the most visual effects is the discoloration of the water, but while the color changes in the water can be dramatic, it is not the most important factor and one must be careful about making any judgment’s based only on the water color.

The QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox neutralizes toxins in the water the same way it neutralizes toxins in the body. The 80% predominant color of the de-ionized water is determined by the part of the body that is being detoxified, the 20% by the chemicals used by local water authorities in combination with the pollutants common to that area.

Chinese acupuncturists understand the concept of toxicity as it relates to the ailments that predominate in a body.

All healing traditions – Egyptian, Native American, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Chinese, Shamanic (except Western Medicine) offer body purification as a means of healing and avoiding disease.

Quantum foot detox benefits

Today we are exposed to the greatest toxic load in the history of our planet and ongoing periodic detoxification is essential to maintain health and avoid disease.

In today’s toxic environment, tissue acid wastes, chemical and heavy metal residues build up in the body faster than ever before, resulting in a greater incidence of allergies, mental, and physical incapacitation. QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox is a way of reducing symptomology and maintaining health.

QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox (Quantum key to a cell detoxification with ions).

All healing traditions – Egyptian, Native American, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Chinese, Shamanic – except Western Medicine offer body purification as a means of healing and avoiding disease.

Pimples, rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, blotched complexions often indicate a buildup of tissue acid wastes inside the body.

QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox treatment will support any body cleansing modality.

How does QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox work?

Generating Ions.

An ion is a charged atom that has gained or lost an electron which creates a magnetic field capable of attaching to and neutralizing oppositely charged particles. These neutralized particles are extracted from the body through the process called osmosis. Osmosis is a scientific term that is used to describe the movement of particles through a membrane from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration. In this case, the higher concentration refers to the ion field that is set up by placing the array into the water while running the unit.

The array is placed into the water alongside the hands, feet, or body while the power supply delivers a low level direct current to the array. This causes the metals within the array in combination with water and salt to generate positively and negatively charged ions by separating oxygen and hydrogen in the water.

A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach, your body absorbs millions of these negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue. Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products, such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric, and hepatic acids.

The QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox creates precisely the same environment as the walk along the beach, only more powerfully because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being manufactured in the water. Place your feet in the water, turn on the unit and within seconds, millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid wastes.

The particles, fat, and mucous residues found in the water after bathing reflect the wastes that have left the body during the 20 to 30 minute session.

Your body will feel lighter after the first session. You will think more clearly, have more energy and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.
That avoiding disease and maintaining vitality, as we age, requires the maintenance of an alkaline environment throughout the body – which is virtually impossible to accomplish in our high-tech, high-stress, toxic society, unless we can walk on the beach everyday.

We speculate that ions generated by the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox travel through the body attaching themselves to a multitude of toxic substances, thereby neutralizing their positive or negative charge. It may be possible to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by a lifetime of toxic buildup in the body (assuming the symptoms are caused by toxic buildup). The long-term effectiveness of the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox detoxification process depends on other life-enhancing changes a person is willing to make.

Some DOs and DON’Ts before detox session

QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox, in combination with a healthy, low-stress lifestyle, provides a thorough and efficient way to maintain high energy levels and long term wellness.

the QU.I.C.K. Cell Detox provides a comfortable purification support system.

Before have a session:


– Wear the wrist strap properly.
– Feel free to make yourself comfortable, as long as you keep your feet in the foot bath with the array in it.
– Eat something before using the machine if you have low blood sugar.
– Drink lots of Purified water to help the detoxification process


– Have any mechanical devices inside your body (such as pacemakers or any other battery-operated electrical implant).
– Are suffering from epilepsy.
– Are currently undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
– Are taking medication for some mental illness, or taking medication for heartbeat regulation.
– Are taking prescription medication, Take medication at least six (6) hours after or before an Ion Cell Cleanse session.
– Have metal objects in your body. Though not dangerous, persons having a metal joint implant may find exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by the QIC to be uncomfortable.
– Are a Type 1 Diabetic person.
– Have open wounds on your feet.
Are pregnant or lactating.
– Are younger than 6 years old.
– Have gone through an organ transplant operation.
– Wear metal such as watches, using a computer or cellular phone during an QIC session.